Performing Jelq, Jelqing and Jelquing

“I easily become erect when I perform the Jelq Exercises!” Novices oftentimes find themselves getting an erection while performing the Jelqing exercises.  If you happen to experience this, stop Jelqing immediately and wait until the erection subsides, then begin the process again where you left off.  With adequate practice, you are able to rid yourself of this basic Jelqing setback.

The Baseball Bat and Jelqing Effect

Sometimes, and adult male’s penis begins to resemble the shape of a baseball bat.  Whereas the head of the penis becomes the largest part of the penis, which this typical side effect can happen from improperly Jelqing. Since the baseball bat phenomenon does not happen immediately, you should not be that concerned about it happening to you.  It is rare, and could, in some circumstances happen.  Here is a sure fire way to avoid the problem.

The most beneficial thing you will be able to do is perform the Jelqing exercise correctly.  Make certain that you soundly read the Jelqing instructional manual and view the videos before blindly begin the exercise.  When you are Jelqing, be certain that you are Jelqing the entire surface of the penis, not just the upper portion of the shaft of the penis.  You will need to start all the way at the base of your pubic bone, and do not stop until you are directly below the head of your penis. Once you learn the correct Jelqing method, make sure that you perform the exercise as prescribed in the directions.

Jelqing Without Using A Lubricant – The Dry Jelqing Technique

In time, a different thing that you can do is perform the Jelqing exercise without using a Lubricant.  The main reason that we recommend men to Jelq using a lubricant in the beginning is that the dry Jelqing technique is harder on your skin.  This could possibly cause a slew of various side effects, like chaffing. Dry Jelqing also has a bigger chance of inducing the “donut effect” – an abnormally large swelling around the perimeter of your penis close to the glans. This particular effect hasn’t been recognized to cause any damage, and it usually settles within an hour or two.

Perform the Wet Jelqing Technique First

The most significant reason to begin Jelqing with a lubricating substance is that it makes it easier to learn and perform the Jelqing exercise. You may want to equate the wet Jelqing technique to that of training wheels while riding a bike.  The lubricating substance that you use will assist you in learning how to properly Jelq. That being said, when you’re altogether at ease with the wet Jelqing technique, you can remove your training wheels and start on the dry Jelqing technique.

Later on for a while you’ll build a preference of what you prefer. The beneficial thing about the dry Jelqing techniques is that it does not call for cleaning off the lubricating substance on your hands and penis when you complete the exercise. Remember in the beginning of Jelqing; use the wet technique for the first two or three weeks.

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