How To Straighten a Bent Penis

man with bent penisAlmost 3% of entire male population have problem with bent penis that makes serious problems especially during sexual encounters. Men affected with this problem usually search for solutions how to fix andstraighten a bent penis and luckily there are couple of methods which give opportunity to make penis straightened.

First, we’ll describe more what is bent penis and at the end will mention how to straighten a bent penis. Bent penis has couple of synonyms like Peyronie’s disease, penis curvature or curved penis.

However, this is described as abnormal bend in the penis that occurs during erection. Restriction and preventing the penis from full and proper expanding during an erection is caused by a plague of hardened tissues located in the penis.

Majority of male population between the ages of 45 – 60 suffer from bent penis, but there are young males of 18 age who also have problems with bent penis. These are the following symptoms of bent penis:

  • Painful erection brings problems during sexual encounters
  • Noticeable curvature when penis is erected
  • Noticeable narrowing of the diameter of the penis with erection
  • Thick band of hard tissue within the penis

 Penis enlargement exercises

Curved Penis

bent penisThere are people who don’t need any treatment to straighten curved penis. This may occur as natural process but it takes couple of years to achieve straightened penis. Nevertheless, there are men who look for proper treatment as they really want to improve the look of its penis and also improve sexual encounters.

Thus, if you notice a slightly curved penis during an erection, you should take action on the right time before it gets too late!

You know what women want, right? Straight penis like a rocket! Just imagine what could happen when she looks at your curved penis – there may be quite embarrassing moments. One more important thing – living with curved penis may lead to impotence or inability to have intercourse.
What is the exact cause of curved penis still remains unknown. However, some researchers believe that the plaque that’s typical of Peyronie’s Disease develops following trauma (hitting or bending the penis) or hard sexual activity that causes localized bleeding inside the penis. On the other side, some researchers trace it to circulatory disorders, diabetes or a genetic link.

Peyronie’s Disease

There can be found various treatments to Peyronie’s disease like drug treatments ( vitamin E or B-complex ), calcium channel blockers injections , steroid  and radiation therapy but these are mainly for the reduction of pain. There is one more, well known method – the penis enlargement surgery. It is effective but dangerous and expensive method to achieve straightened penis. Do you think it is worth going under the knife? Of course no, because there is less expensive and more effective way to get rid of Peyronie’s disease.

We talk about PenisHealth – penis enlargement exercises program which is able to straighten your penis on a natural, safe and effective way. PenisHealth consists of many jelqing, penis stretching exercises and techniques designed to decrease the curvature caused by Peyronie’s disease. On a regular daily basis, for less then 10 minutes of performing this program, you will correct penis curvature, make your penis longer and wider, improve self confidence, sexual life and many more things.

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